Travel & Beautification

Vip Tourist Ltd. has arranged a unique service for our foreign clients, in partnership with the renown Dr. Nikolay Serdev and his clinic. You can now combine your travel to beautiful Bulgaria with personal beautification.

Dr. Serdev and the Medical Center “Aesthetic Surgery Aesthetic Medicine”, Sofia

Picture of Dr. Nikolay SerdevProf. Dr. Nikolay P. Serdev, M.D., Ph.D. is a board certified specialist in General Surgery and Cosmetic Surgery. He is a Honorary Professor in New Bulgarian University, Bulgaria and Program Director of the International University Program in Cosmetic Surgery, winner of many international awards and medals.

He has trained hundreds of doctors globally in aesthetic surgery and minimally invasive medical procedures. Dr. Nikolay Serdev is a founding member of the European Society of Aesthetic Surgery and the International Board of Cosmetic Surgery.

Dr. Nikolay Serdev is the inventor of the scarless Serdev Sutures® Lifting methods, used to correct early ptosis and flabbiness of the tissue in any part of the face and body. The techniques are scarless, mini-invasive and ambulatory. There are no skin incisions or excisions.

Dr. Serdev is also the inventor of avascular SPV (Selective Proximal Vagotomy); hemorrhoid treatment by suture ligation, without incisions and excisions; mini-invasive methods in rhinoplasty (T-excision for tip rotation, columella sliding for tip projection and suture techniques for tip rotation, tip refinement and dorsum enhancement, and alar base narrowing); leg form elongation and straightening by ultrasonic liposculpturing, and more.

Scarless surgery in face areas:Temporal, Supra-temporal, Medial, and Lower SMAS lifts; Brow lift; Chin enhancement and/or repositioning without implants; Nose tip and alar base refinement; Protruding ear corrections etc; in body areas: Buttock lift; Breast lift; Inner thigh lift etc.

The clinic also offers specific treatments of each zone of the face and neck, by different methods of chemical peeling, vacuum peeling and dermabrasion, non-operative treatment of wrinkles, cellulite, pigmentations, scars, acne, stretch marks, teleangiectasiae, excessive hairs, skin tumors etc.

Tourist Services and Prices

During your stay (coordinated with Dr. Serdev): While waiting for your appointments with the doctor, we can arrange for your sightseeing tours in Sofia or nearby places and towns (Rila Monastery, the towns of Plovdiv, Koprivshtitsa or hiking to Vitosha and Rila Mountains) or active breaks – motocross, horse riding etc. Please check here.

Accommodation: We recommend the following hotels, which are on walking distance from the Medical Center:


Standard single room from: 55 euro per night including breakfast
Standard double room from: 65 euro per night including breakfast
Apartment: 105 euro per night including breakfast
Suite: 85 euro per night including breakfast

All hotels and apartments offer possibility for discounts for long stays. Ask us and we will send you and offer.


Transfer from Sofia Airport to your hotel: 25 EUR/ person in case of 1-3 persons, one way.
Within the city: 10 EUR/ person in case of 1-3 persons, one way