About us

In the past 6 years we have traveled over 100 000 miles, we have met new people, discovered new places, different cultures, we helped each of you with suggestions about places for your dream vacation. That is why we decided to create Vip Tourist. “Vip” – because we think that each of you is important and need to be treated as a V.I.P., and “Tourist” – because when traveling in a different country, we are always tourists.

Are you asking yourself which is the next place you would like to visit? We are here to show you that the World is only a click away – a World at your fingertips. We will choose the best and most suitable destination for you and your family, we will select the best collection of hotels. We do that to create your own, personalized, best vacation.

We will help you to see and experience the World as you have never ever done it before. We will show you the amazing sceneries around the globe, ready to become incredible pictures in your camera.

Our main goal is to offer tourist services and products which combine luxury, comfort, amazing experience and great value for money.

Do not hesitate and contact us.

We are waiting for you!