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  • Off-road adventure

    Off-road adventure

    Bulgarian mountains provide countless opportunities to have fun while relaxing. Stara Planina mountain range, cutting through the middle of the coutnry and effectively dividing it...

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  • Beautification Tourism

    Beautification Tourism

    We arranged a unique service in partnership with the renown Dr. Nikolay Serdev and his clinic - combine your visit to Bulgaria with personal beautification....

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  • Motocross adventure

    Motocross adventure

    Discover Stara Planina Mountain (Balkan Mountain) in a unique way. Motocross is an experience which will give you unforgettable adventure. We work with some of...

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  • Hunting Adventure

    Hunting Adventure

    One of the most ancient human activities is hunting. Hunting trophies decorate the castles and palaces and became an integral, indispensable part of the interior...

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  • Voluntourism


    Travel for a cause! Vip Tourist Volunteer Program is primarily designed to bring coordinated efforts of all the experts and individuals in different areas under...

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  • Short Trips

    Short Trips

    For those who have limited spare time for tourism but still want to see some of the most interesting and famous places in Bulgaria, we...

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  • Culture Tours

    Culture Tours

    For the most curious of you we have prepared a variety of cultural tours and trips, which will based on your interests. Wine tour Socialist Bulgaria...

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  • Adventure Tours

    Adventure Tours

    We offer adventure tours and trips all around the country, with Sofia, Plovdiv, Bourgas or Varna as starting points. Moreover, we can organize your own...

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