Program – Bachkovo Monastery & Plovdiv

Sofia – Bachkovo Monastery – Asen’s Fortress – Plovdiv – Sofia

Prices from: 42 euro/ passenger

1 day trip


  • tour of the famous Old Town of Plovdiv;
  • visit the best preserved Roman Theater (2nd century) in Bulgaria, which is still used for live performances
  • admire the newly reopened Ancient Stadium (2nd century), that had accommodated 30 000 specators
  • the Ethnographic Museum, also known as the Renaissance house with the 120 windows, has an interesting exhibitions of costumes, instruments ect
  • Bachkovo Monastery, located in mythical Rhodopi Mountains, is established during the 11th century and is the second biggest in Bulgaria
  • visit Asen’s Fortress;
  • see the frescoes in the Bachkovo Monastery dining room, picturing neo-platonic theory and the Judgement Day Composition

PROGRAM with departure from Sofia

Departure at 09:00 to Bachkovo Monastery – the second largest Monastery in Bulgaria (after the Rila Monastery). Arrival at around 11:00 – 11:30. Bachkovo Monastery is known and appreciated for the unique combination of Byzantine, Georgian and Bulgarian culture, united by the common faith. A tour of the Monastery will follow, including a visit of the Cathedral Chirch. The Cathedral Church of Virgin Mary was opened in 1604, built in the place of the monastery’s oldest church, which was destroyed by the Turks. The building has survived to this day in its original structure of a three-aisled, cruciform domed basilica with three pentagonal apses. The church houses a valuable icon of the Virgin Mary Eleusa, dating from 1310, that was brought from Georgia. According to the  legend, the icon is miraculous, attracting many pilgrims.

At around 12:00 – 12:30 departure to Asen’s Fortress, which is 10km away from the Monastery. Arrival and visit of the Church of the Holy Mother of God (in the Fortress), as well as the ruins of the fortress’ walls. The beautiful scenery of the Rodopi Mountains is perfect for taking beautiful pictures.

Around 13:00 – departure to Plovdiv, named “The City of the Seven Hills”. It is the second largest city in Bulgaria, after the capital Sofia. You can have lunch in any of the restaurants offering traditional Bulgarian cuisine. A guided tour of the city will follow with visits to the Roman Theater, Old town, Ancient Stadium and Church of the Holy Mother of God, among others.

Departure from Plovdiv to Sofia in the later afternoon, at around 16:00.

*The cited times are only tentative and are subject to change.

Departs From: Sofia, around 09:00 am

Meeting Point: Hotel pick-up

Duration: 8 hours

Bachkovo Monastery – Asen’s Fortress – Plovdiv 1 days

Nmb of passengers



3 till 6

7 till 10

Price per passenger

110 euro

75 euro

59 euro

42 euro

The prices are in euro per person

The price includes:

  • Transport costs;
  • Professional guide in English or French;
  • Driver in English.

The price does not include:

  • Medical insurance;
  • Entrance fees;
  • Lunch;
  • Entrance taxes;
  • Gratitues.

Necessary documents: International passport, valid for a minimum of 6 months (ID card for EU citizens)